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Domestic Trucking Arrangement - Step 1

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Domestic Trucking Arrangement - Step 2 Target Destination

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Way to Unload

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Do you need lift-gate truck?

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Domestic Trucking Arragement - Step 4

Trucker Broker

As we received your info, we will be referring a Trucker Broker, to contact you with estimate fee.

Note: (The information provided below is crucial.)

  1. If you received an original bill of lading (OBL) from your supplier, please sign it anywhere and mail it to your US freight forwarder as soon as possible, and you must be pre-paid for all fees, including trucking fees, warehouse fees, freight forwarder arrival notice fees, customs clearing fees, ISF filing fees, bond fees, exam fees, and so on.
  2. Before the Customs Clearing Document (CBP Forms 7501, 3461, and DO) can be released to you, you must pay the Customs Clearing Invoice, the ISF Invoice, and any other applicable fees.
  3. You/the importer are responsible for all fees and are subject to US Customs rules as well as federal, state, city, and local laws, as well as our oversight.
  4. US Customs has reserved the right to examine your shipment anytime, anywhere, even after you have received 7501, 3461, and Also, change or amend duty or tax on your past shipments, going back up to 7 years.
  5. All trucking arrangements are door-to-unload docks, sidewalks, or door-only, the trucker will not unload your shipment. You, the importer or receiver of the shipment, must unload the shipment(s).
  6. If a trucker is injured while assisting you with loading or unloading, he will or may file a claim against you and/or your company.
  7. After trucking service is arranged and confirmed by you (paid or not), there are no cancellations, refunds, or pro-rating.
  8. Most truckers will allow you 2 hours of unloading or loading at no charge. After 2 hours, your trucker will charge you $75 per hour. Overtime must be paid to the trucker in cash.
  9. If your shipment is a full container or loose cargo, and if you need the container overnight at your location, each container costs $250 per day.
  10. If the trucker needs to return to your location for any reason, he will charge you for additional trucking fees, drop fees, and returning the container to port, and you must pay the trucker.
  11. The container must be cleaned of all debris, etc., after unloading before returning to the port. Otherwise, the owner will charge you $200 or more.
  12. The trucker will charge $150 to $500 or more for home, house, or apartment delivery (residential). In most cities, trucks are not allowed on residential streets. The trucker may only drop off your shipment a few blocks (on a sidewalk) away from your home. The city may levy fines of up to $10,000 per shipment or container on you or the receiver.
  13. If the trucker receives a parking ticket while waiting to unload or load your shipment(s), or any other fines, you or the importer must pay the full amount in cash to the trucker (before unloading).
  14. If you are requesting special delivery of your shipment, such as lift gate, box truck, tri-axle, overweight, oversize, refrigerated, dangerous hazard, and bonded truck and vehicle shipments, etc. To meet your needs, there will be extra charges on trucking arrangements before and/or after. (Please contact your dispatcher.)
  15. Most sea shipments are on pallets; please have your hand pallet jack and/or forklift ready. Again, most truckers will not help with unloading or loading.
  16. For all shipments, we strongly recommend that you get door-to-door all-risk cargo insurance from your international freight forwarder or shipping company to cover damage to your shipment. If you don't have cargo insurance for your shipment and if your shipment is damaged, you will not be able to claim any damage claim. But, if you do have cargo insurance and if your shipment is damaged, you must contact your international freight forwarder or shipping company (information at your BL) within 24 hours from the time you received your shipment with a detailed report and pictures; if not, you will not be able to claim any.
  17. If the shipment is FDA-related, CBP may release it in some cases, but there is still an FDA hold on it. You could pick up your shipment, but it cannot be sold or altered until the FDA hold is lifted. FDA will notify you when you can use or sell the shipment or when it must be returned to your vendor or destroyed at the expense of the importer (could cost $100 to $1,000) and/or refusal documents are issued. Sample of an FDA action notice requiring shipments to be destroyed before release, and sample of an FDA letter instructing you to return to the FDA facility location (this could take up to 4 weeks for the FDA to notify you). This applies to all other US government agencies, such as ATF, TTB, DOT, EPA, USDA, etc. Also, if AD/CVD, FDA, USDA, and/or any other government agencies are involved, the shipment must be cleared with a local broker.
  18. If your LCL shipment is not picked up on time or by the stated date in your arrival notice within 4 or 5 days, you will be paying extra storage fees, it will be moved to a U.S. Customs-bonded go warehouse (general order warehouse), and you or the importer will be paying go fees plus other extra fees. Please contact your freight forwarder and warehouse for details regarding the last free day (before storage is incurred daily) and warehouse processing fees.
  1. All full containers must be picked up by a US-customs-bonded trucking company only from the port. You have 4 or 5 days from the date the port received your shipment(s) to pick it up; if you exceed 5 days, the port will charge you extra storage/demurrage per day. + per diem charges; it may also include go to go (general order warehouse) and other fees.
  2. We will invoice you for ISF filing and customs clearing related fees as your customs clearing arrangement agent, but you may also pay U.S. Customs bonded warehouse/container freight station warehouse fees (CFS warehouse fees), trucking arrangement fees, ocean freight forwarder fees (freight release fee), US seaport fees or US airport fees, exams fees, U.S. Customs and other government and private agencies fees who are involved with your shipment. Importers are responsible before importing any items to the U.S. for all fees and US and international laws.
  3. Check duty or tax: HTC/HTS/harmonized tariff code or call and email U.S. Customs' import specialist team. The importer is responsible for the classification (HTC, HTS, or Harmonized Tariff Code) of their own goods. Our HTS/HTC classifications on customs entries and ISF filings are only advisory and not legally binding.
  4. After your LCL shipment has been released by U.S. Customs and by our freight forwarder and shipping company, please call your US Customs-bonded warehouse before the pick-up. Warehouse information will be at your entry/immediate delivery (CBP form 3461) and # 14 (location of goods-code name(s)/U.S. Customs bonded warehouse).
  5. There are two parts to sea shipment: ISF filing and customs clearing entry filing. For air shipment check here, international trucking.
  6. Check reimbursement service fees to avoid. We are not a payment center for all your vendors; we are here to clear your shipment with U.S. Customs only.
  7. Before any customs clearing documents (entry summaries, CBP forms 7501 and 3461, entry/immediate delivery, pick-up orders, and bills of lading (delivery orders, dads, and dos), and if any, file notes listings (abi reports) could be released to you, our trucking arrangement invoice, customs clearing invoice, and ISF invoice, as well as all arrangement-related service fees, could be released to you. If paying by company or personal check, make it payable to U.S. Customs Clearing and scan,  email, or fax a check copy as confirmation of payment before mailing the original check to (2018 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 201, Lomita, CA 90717) ([email protected] or fax # (424) 702-3262). All checks and funds must be cleared with our bank and our accounting. If we receive your scanned-in check or faxed-in check, we will scan them into our bank account. If payment is by wire or Western Union, please confirm and we will send our payment details.
  8. There will be no pro-ration, refund, or cancellation if your, your importer's, or your consignee's shipment is detained or held by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and/or any other US government agencies.
  9. All our service arrangement is no pro-rate and no refunds and no cancellation on any services/payments. All premiums/fees fully earned.
  10. If you need us to arrange other trucking services, please email your full address, contact phone number, contact person, and company name (if any), which must be confirmed by email.
  11. We are not a trucking company; we arrange trucking services only, and our website is for reference; importers are responsible for all fees, both domestic and international (
  12. After trucking has been arranged, you must contact the trucker or dispatcher for the delivery time and date; we are not responsible for any changes made by the trucker or dispatcher to the delivery time and date.
  13. You must contact your warehouse for a pickup arrangement between your warehouse and your trucker. We are not responsible for any delays or mishaps from your warehouse or trucker.
  14. Only you, the importer or consignee, are responsible for timely submission of all of the above-mentioned documents and keeping track of your shipment.
  15. Before any shipment arrangement, you should negotiate your shipping terms with your supplier or factory and shipping company. Otherwise, you will be paying each of your vendors. Foreign freight forwarder, foreign inland trucker, foreign warehouse, American freight forwarder, American warehouse, American trucking, American port, and so on.
  16. We reserve the right to refuse service(s) to anyone, for any reason, at any time (any point), any place, and so on, during any process (any point) of our service(s), without pro-ration or refund.
  17. By replying to this reference/contents email, you are agreeing that you have read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions on our website and this email.
  18. Our website, emails, and other communications are for reference only, and all our services are by arrangement only. All of our services and arrangements come with no guarantees or warranties. Current disclaimer/terms.