Warehouse Fees Notice

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Your sea/ocean CFS warehouse: Normally, after 5 free days, your warehouse will charger importer daily storage / demurrage.

Your air warehouse: Normally, after 2 free days, your warehouse will charge importer daily storage / demurrage. Also, before after free days, your warehouse may charge importer in/out fee, forklift, hand pallet, pallets, daily storage / demurrage. And etc (example of warehouse fee). Incoterms = before the shipping, your warehouse was pre-arrange by your vendor (you/ supplier/ factory/ freight-forwarder/ shipping-company and etc. ). (example of CFS warehouse fees) (glossary warehouse) (some of the well known CFS warehouse)

Example of warehouse fees from  (4.1 cbm = $208.45) from  ST. George Warehouse list CFS.
CFS LOADING: $2.5/100LBS,  MIN: $50  =  $10.25
CFS DOC: $30 BL = $30
CFS fuel surcharge:  $2/RT (MIN USD10) (1:800Ibs) = $8.2
CFS in/out Forkift fee: = $80
CFS Pallet fee:  $20 each = $80

Document About Warehouse Fees

Warehouse Fees and or Storage Fees Sample

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Warehouse Fees &/or Storage Fees: (Warehouse MOLU13010695405 im12082014)
Warehouse Fees and or Storage Fees:
Warehouse Fees &/or Storage Fees: ( KKLUSX15797900 IB11212014 )