Government Tax and Duties

Government Tax and Duties: You could call below phone numbers directly to US customs import specialist team:

  1. Or email us detail photo-pictures-of-importation + materials that is made out of, on all documents. + if fabric/textile, must have% (ie: cotton%, woven% and etc. )
  2. Or look-up your own duty/tax (directly with US customs web-site): HTC / HTS / harmonized tariff code and for AD/CVD look-up.
  3. Or you could pay other private companies (www.Dutycalculator.Com or find to help you with your HTS/harmonized tariff code.
  4. No individual or no company are exempt from international duty/tax, even if you're "non profit organizations".
  5. All customs clearing fee and duty/tax must be paid, before you could received customs released documents.
  6. For other details about importing requirements and (basic import/export) (more info's by US International Trade Commission).
  • Before you import, double check your HTC / HTS /harmonized-tariff-code (duty/tax) classifications and anti dumping duties (ADD) and countervailing duty ( CVD ). Importers are responsible for the all HTC / HTS classifications of their own goods. Our classification on customs entries filing and ISF filing are advisory and not binding. Also, if AD/CVD and FDA , USDA , and /or any other government agencies involvement, shipment may require to be cleared with local broker.
  • Before/after shipment is pick-up US customs has rights to exam any shipment anytime, US customs has discretion to modify/amend duty/tax at anytime and reclassified. HTC / HTS code anytime as AD/CVD , FDA , USDA , and /or any other government agencies, if so, all fees must be pay within 10 working days.
  • After first entry is done and paid and pick-up by you, if US customs re-classified as AD/CVD, it must be refile for entry with local broker (place of importer) within 15 days. Click here to fill out blanket statement of reimbursement/none-reimburse.
  • Importing solar panels from china (anti dumping (AD) 255% - 287% of duty/tax).
  • Aluminum window frames extrusions: from china: 165% duty = (132% add / CVD + 33% duty).

How Much is Customs Duty in USA?

A tariff or tax known as customs duty is imposed on merchandise when it is carried across international boundaries. The goal of customs duty is to safeguard each nation's economy, population, employment opportunities, environment, etc. by regulating the flow of commodities into and out of the nation, particularly those that are restricted or prohibited.

Articles that may need the payment of customs duty are said to as dutiable. Each item has a unique duty rate, which is established by a number of variables, such as where you purchased the item, where it was manufactured, and what material it is composed of. Additionally, you must "declare" anything you bring back that you did not have when you left the country. For instance, you would disclose any gifts you received outside of the United States as well as any adjustments to an existing suit that were made abroad. It is not necessary to declare American Goods Returned (AGR), but you must be ready to show U.S. Customs and Border Protection that the items are AGR, or you will be charged a customs fee.

Customs Duty Rate is expressed as a percentage. This percentage is calculated based on the overall cost of the item(s) purchased in a foreign country, not on its quality, size, or weight. For almost every item now on the market, duty rates are provided through the Harmonized Tariff System (HTS). The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States Annotated (HTSUS), a reference book that lists the tariff rates and statistical categories that apply to all goods imported into the United States, is used by CBP. For more information about customs duty in USA.

Customs Duty Calculator

Calculations of import duty and tax, use this convenient tool to quickly determine import duties and taxes for hundreds of international destinations.
This duty calculator is available to you every day, free of charge!

Import Specialist Team List

Import Specialist Team 710

Animal/Vegetable Products, Residue & Waste from Food Industry Game Animals (stocking purposes), Products of American Fisheries
Phone: (562) 366-5710
Fax: (562) 628-7902

Import Specialist Team 712

Mineral Fuels, Inorganic and Organic Chemicals and Compounds, Soap, Waxes, Candles, Glue, Enzymes, Photographic Chemicals/Film/Plates, Beads, Rubber, Washers,
Phone: (562) 366-5712
Fax: (562) 628-7902

Import Specialist Team 717

Wood, Cork, Paper and Paperboard Products, Wheeled Toys, Arcade, Table, Ballpoint Pens, Markers, Date Stamps
Phone: (562) 366-5717
Fax: (562) 432-4579

Import Specialist Team 718

Beverages, Spirits, Vinegar, Salt, Ceramic Products, Glass, Various Non-Asian Food Products
Phone: (562) 366-5718
Fax: (562) 432-4579

Import Specialist Team 720

Wearing Apparel from China and Hong Kong
Phone: (562) 366-5720
Fax: (562) 366-3826

Import Specialist Team 721 Plastic

Rubber, Leather, Knit, & Textile Gloves, Certain Wearing Apparel from Africa, Australia, Oceanic Countries, India, Korea, Singapore, Macau, Maldives, New Zealand
Phone: (562) 366-5721
Fax: (562) 366-3826

Import Specialist Team 722

Coated and Laminated Fabric, Leather Apparel and Accessories, Fur Articles, Feathers, Umbrellas, Human Hair, Artificial Flowers, Yarn
Phone: (562) 366-5722
Fax: (562) 432-4239

Import Specialist Team 723

Fairground Amusements, Footwear, Articles for Handicapped Persons, Swimming Pools
Phone: (562) 366-5723
Fax: (562) 366-5532

Import Specialist Team 725

Wearing Apparel from Central America, The Caribbean, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, Thailand and all other countries not assigned elsewhere
Phone: (562) 366-5725
Fax: (562) 366-3826

Import Specialist Team 727

Wearing Apparel from Bangladesh, Canada, Mexico, The Middle East, Pakistan, South America, Vietnam, Mongolia and Cambodia
Phone: (562) 366-5727
Fax: (562) 366-3826

Import Specialist Team 733

Iron, Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Lead, Zinc, Tin, Cobalt, Magnesium, Cigarette Lighters, Musical Instruments,Wooden Furniture, Fastners, Smoking Pipes, Vacuum
Phone: (562) 366-5733
Fax: (562) 628-7902

Import Specialist Team 734

Tools, Welding Machines, Vending Machines, Air Conditioners, Furnaces, Power Hand Tools, Agricultural Machinery
Phone: (562) 366-5734
Fax: (562) 628-7902

Import Specialist Team 737

Consumer Electronics, Printers and parts of, Computers, Televisions, Lamps, Copy Machines, Telephones, Collections and Antiques, Religious Articles, Theatrical Props
Phone: (562) 366-5737
Fax: (562) 432-4579

Import Specialist Team 739

Motor Vehicles and parts thereof, Cranes, Forklifts, Aircraft, Spacecraft and parts thereof, Ships, Floating Structures, Work Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, Trailers
Phone: (562) 366-5739
Fax: (562) 628-7902

What are Duties and Taxes

First 2 HTC / HTS / Harmonized Tariff Code classification are free, but after 2nd classification of items, each classification is $10 each per line. For example: if you are importing 4 different category items (on your Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading / BL: 100 apples, 75 oranges, 50 toys and 25 desks), you will be charge extra $20 for ISF filing + $20 for customs clearing entry filing. The fees are added it to your Invoice as additional classification HTC / HTS code / 7501 lines. For 3 pages of sample 14 line, first two line free, so other 12 x $10 = $120 fees will be charge as 7501 line.

To avoided HTC / HTS /harmonized tariff code classification fees, please ask your factory/supplier to have it on the Invoice , Packing List and Bill of Lading / BL, if your factory/supplier don't know the HTC / HTS /harmonized tariff code, you could look-up your own (duty/tax) HTC / HTS /harmonized tariff code or call and email US customs import specialist.

Also, first 2 factories/suppliers Invoice submission are free for customs clearing entry filing, under same Bill of Lading (B/L). For example: if you are importing from 3 different factories/suppliers with 3 different Invoice / Packing List . First 2 factories/suppliers Invoice / Packing List submission entry filing are free, but after 2nd Invoice / Packing List factory/supplier, you will be charge $20 per supplier/factory Invoice submission to US customs as additional Invoice s submission and will be add on to your customs clearing Invoice /fees.

Must described, materials of each category at ISF form, Invoice , Packing List , Bill of Lading / BL ( Telex Release / surrender / Express Release or Original Bill of Lading ( OBL ) with notify party), arrival notice Invoice , photo-pictures-of-import/export items, materials that is made out of, on all documents, if fabric/textile, must have% (ie: cotton%, woven% and etc. ), fumigation-certificate (if any), all related documents, photo-pictures of labels/marks/ stamp, out-side of boxes/crates and etc., all info must be US dollar and English and all permits (licenses/ permits to import). For more details view (basic import/export / 211 pages).

For example: If you are importing 10 of men's sweat shirt (80% cotton 20% polyester / HTC #) / 5 tablecloth (100% polyester / HTC # ) / 20 desk (stainless steel / HTC # ) aluminum (aluminum ingot / HTC # ) and etc.


NOTE: if you are buying from two different factory/suppliers, you could consolidate the shipment under one BL, but you can not consolidate under one Invoice / Packing List . It must be submitted as 2 different Invoice /factory/supplier to US customs. Each Bill of Lading (B/L) is considered as one shipment and it must be cleared as each BL by US customs/us.


How to pay US Customs Duty Online?

Below are the acceptable electronic payment methods.
At specified CBP border/land locations, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) accepts Department of Treasury recognized payment methods, including credit cards, for non-commercial entry duties, taxes, fees, and other charges.

Visit CBP's and eCBP webpages to pay for a variety of duties, taxes, fees, and other charges.

Please visit the Basic Importing and Exporting webpage for payment transaction guidance.