Subject To Government Agencies Shipment

If shipment is subject to government agencies and valued at $250 or more, it requires a formal entry (was $200) (Below are subjects for partner government agencies (PGA) and other government agencies (OGA), each subject to agency document's processing fees $85 + each government messenger submission fee $45 = $130 per agency.

Partner Government Agencies - PGA

OGA Customs (Other Government Agencies)

Numerous government agencies in the United States are responsible for regulating imports and exports. They are employed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which enforces border restrictions. They are known collectively as Other Government Agencies (OGA) or Partner Government Agencies (PGA).

U.S. Government Freight Transportation Handbook

When transportation of supplies, materials, personal property, and home products is required, and when freight charges are to be paid by or on behalf of the government directly to the TSP, bills of lading are crucial to the conduct of daily government operations.

Note: before purchase/import you must check with each government agencies for import/export permits, if any. " only importer/consignee is responsible for all fees, US laws and International laws.


If your shipment is subject-to FDA , USDA , lacey-act, any us government agencies, AD / CVD , hazard, trademark, patent and etc. , you must notify us/US customs, 9 days before shipment is in. Us port and before entry is filed with US customs. . Otherwise us government agencies will/may penalize/fines you and /or you will be paying for two entries (fee) or more, one with us and other with local broker. . Please do not assume that US customs/we will know the items you are importing, only importer/consignee is responsible for all notification to us/US customs and for all import permits by us government. . Us customs can reclassify your shipment as FDA , USDA , FWS , any us government agencies, AD / CVD , hazard, trademark, patent, recall and etc. , before/after you have receive(d) shipment, up-to 5 years

If US customs and /or any other us government agencies finds any violation/misleading information of importation and etc., US customs may confiscate/penalize/fines/recall/examine the us importer/exporter. Shipment(s) and recall the us importer/exporter, anytime, up-to 5 years. Please disclose detailed descriptions of shipment on all documents ( Invoice , Packing List , Bill of Lading and etc. ) with HTC / HTS code,. Materials that is made out of and etc. Importers/exporter are responsible for all fees and US/international laws ( CBP.Gov) example: CBP action without notification backdated duty/tax. If US customs decided to confiscate/seize/penalize/fines/examine/recall, request of information's and /or for violation, misleading, incomplete, late ISF filing, customs entry filing and etc. If any, US  Customs will notify you by email/phone/mail/letter within 1-12 month (normally). Also, US customs may contact us to relay the letter/message to you. If so, you must pay US customs ASAP . Otherwise, US customs / other us government agencies will/may add interest, other-fines, black-list you, visiting you and etc. " only importer/consignee is responsible for all fees, US laws and international laws.

If shipment is subject-to FDA , USDA , lacey-act, FWS , any us government agencies, AD / CVD , hazard, trademark, patent and etc. Single entry bond cost is triple the normal bond fee.

If shipment is subject-to and if you received a exam notice for FDA , USDA , lacey-act, FWS , any us government agencies, add / CVD , hazard, trademark, patent, intensive examination notice (stop sign), ibet-exam, A-TCET -exam, USDA -exam and /or any other exam is/are issued and if it's Telex Release d at Bill of Lading (BL) , your shipment/container could be moved to exam site ASAP , but if your shipment/container requires original- Bill of Lading / OBL , your freight forwarder/carrier must received OBL with your signature on the OBL (any place on OBL ), in order to move your shipment to exam site. Until OBL is receive you may be paying storage fees/demurrage fees and other fees. With or with-out exam, your us freight forwarder/carrier must receive OBL to release your shipment to you. Obl is consignee/importer responsibility only, OBL /telex term are negotiated between consignee/importer and your factory/suppliers.


If shipment is subject-to government agencies, agencies and US customs can issue notice of: recall / destroy / must returned to your vendor and etc. , any-time (no time limited ).

If FDA / USDA / subject-to government agencies, CBP will release the shipment, but there is still FDA hold on it. You could pick-up your shipment, but can not be sold or altered until FDA hold is lifted. . FDA may visit location of shipment or email/mail/call the consignee send notification when you could use or sell or if the shipment must be returned to your vendor (normally it could take 4 weeks from. FDA/US customs) or FDA may notify that it must be destroyed. If so, fees will applied: customs destruction forms = + $200 + messenger fee = + $50. + FDA fees = + $150 + solid waste fee + $300 + storage (if any) + pickup and delivery of shipment to waste (if any) + lab test (if any) + etc. . . . . (all fees must be pre-pay by consignee/importer).

In other case:

FDA released after detention, months later with notice of: these products are released. This notice does not constitute assurance that the product released complies with all provisions of the. Food, drug, and cosmetic act, or other related acts, and does not preclude action should the product later be found violative.

In other case of fish and wildlife ( FWS ) / USDA :

Consignee import a woman/hand bags, but consignee/supplier/factory did not disclose all of materials that is made out of, on all doc's, such as fabric/textile, (ie: cotton%, woven% and etc. ) and. Some of the bags has a sea-shell, shipment had to segregate from other bags, all shipment was transport it to fish and wildlife ( FWS ) exam site and consignee had to hire someone who has access to US customs/fish and wildlife ( FWS ) site (cost over $1000) + storage/ demerge fees. + entry was refile by local broker (consignee paid for two entry filing).

Also, first 2 HTC / HTS /harmonized tariff code classification are free, but after 2nd classification of items, each classification is $10 each per line. For example: if you are importing 4 different category items (on your Invoice / Packing List / Bill of Lading / ISF -form: 100 apples, 75 oranges, 50 toys and 25 desks), you will be charge extra $20 for ISF filing + $20 for customs clearing entry filing. The fees are added it to your Invoice as additional classification HTC / HTS code / 7501 lines / 12 x $10 = $120 fees will be charge as 7501 line.

To avoided HTC / HTS /harmonized tariff code classification fees / 7501 lines fees, please ask your factory/supplier to have it on the Invoice , Packing List and Bill of Lading (BL) , if your factory/supplier don't know the HTC / HTS /harmonized tariff code, you could look-up your own (duty/tax) HTC / HTS /harmonized tariff code or call and email US customs import specialist.

Also, first 2 factories/suppliers Invoice submission are free for customs clearing entry filing, under same Bill of Lading (b/l). For example: if you are importing from 3 different factories/suppliers with 3 different Invoice / Packing List . First 2 factories/suppliers Invoice / Packing List submission entry filing are free, but after 2nd Invoice / Packing List factory/supplier, you will be charge $20 per supplier/factory Invoice submission to US customs as additional Invoice s submission and will be add on to your customs clearing Invoice /fees.

Must described: what materials of each category are made out of at Invoice , Packing List and Bill of Lading . For example: if you are importing 10 of men's sweat shirt ( 80% cotton 20% polyester / HTC # ) / 5 tablecloth ( 100% polyester / HTC # ) / 20 desk (stainless steel / HTC # ) aluminum (aluminium ingot / HTC # ) and etc.

Note: if you are buying from two different factory/suppliers, you could consolidate the shipment under one BL, but you can not consolidate under one Invoice / Packing List . It must be submitted as 2 different Invoice /factory/supplier to US customs. Each Bill of Lading (b/l) is considered as one shipment and it must be cleared as each BL by US customs/us.