SCAC Code Application

Custodial Bond/Trucking Bond ( C2 bond ) and International Carrier Bond ( AMS/ ICB C3 bond )

Step by Step Procedures:

Step 1

If you do not have SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code) number, need to visit this website National Motor Freight Traffic Association ( NMFTA) and apply for the SCAC number, there is a small nominal fee for applying for your SCAC, the fee is due annually.

The process will take one to two weeks for a SCAC Letter of Confirmation (LOC) to be issued by NMFTA.  The NMFTA contact number is: 703-838-1810

After you received your SCAC Letter of Confirmation with your SCAC number, then you must immediately fax this to US Custom, fax number is: 1- It is suggested that along with the SCAC Letter of Confirmation, you should have a Letter of Intent (LOI), which explains to the US Custom Port Director, what is the purpose with which you acquired the SCAC number…

The Letter of Intent should explain that you are applying for a C2 (Custodial Bond) or C3 (International Carrier Bond) or both bonds.

If you have your SCAC Number, then you need not to worry.

Step 2

After you have your SCAC number, please fax SCAC to the Port Directors.  Depending on which port you are closes to… visit for US Custom Port Directories.

Step 3

If Long Beach, please fax the assigned SCAC number to CBP Long Beach Port Directory.

Step 4

In order to assessed how much bond you need for C2 and C3 bond amount, please contact US Custom Port assigned desk that handles C2 or C3 bond.

Step 5

For Long Beach – C2 and C3 bond matters, contact the following:

US Custom Office / C2 Bond
Tel: 562-366-3843
Ask for Type 2 Desk / You need to speak with Officer: Ms. Masaoka

US Custom Office / C3 Bond:
Tel: 562-366-3200
Ask for Type 3 Desk / You need to speak with Officer: Ms. Frazier

Long Beach port as of now minimum bond value is $50,000. ( this maybe raised as per determined by US Custom )
LAX as of now the minimum bond value is $100,000 for both C2 and C3 Bond.  This means you need to have $100,000 bond for C2 and a 
$100,000 bond for C3

If CBP Port Directory Desk for C2 or C3 Bond is not able to provide you a confirmation letter or approvals letter for either the C2 or C3 bond.
Then, you must get the CBP Officer’s name and contact number because the surety underwriter will contact the CBP Officer to confirm whether
the C2 or C3 Bond have been reviewed and approved by CBP.

Step 6

After you confirm the bond value you needed, then find a surety that will underwrite your C2 or C3 or both bonds.


Step 7

After you acquired the surety bond for C2 and/or C3, you need to prepare another Letter of Intent (LOI) and again submitted by you to the US Custom Port Directory, stating exactly that you acquired the C2 or C3 bond and again what is your intent in acquiring these type of bond or bonds.

Again, the Letter of Intent (LOI) must clearly explain and state the nature of your business and why the bond is needed by you.