Importing Batteries By Air

Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air or Plane:

Importing Batteries By Air: On January 1, 2015, the new IATA rules for transporting lithium batteries by air will go into effect. See for more info about importing batteries.

Lithium batteries may be shipped safely by air if they are packed, marked, labeled, and documented in accordance with the applicable dangerous goods regulations. Even batteries that are not subject to the full extent of the air transport regulations must meet certain packing, documentation, and labeling requirements. Shippers can help avoid delays by following the rules and giving the following information about their shipments to air transportation service providers:

  • For shipments prepared in accordance with International Air Transport Association Dangerous Goods Regulations ("IATA DGR"):
  • Provide the required Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods when offered as Class 9 under UN3090, UN3091, UN3480, UN3481, or
  • For lithium battery shipments that are offered under other applicable (exempt) provisions of the IATA DGR, provide:

Description of the batteries, e.g., "Lithium ion batteries"; "Lithium metal batteries"; "Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment"; "Lithium metal batteries contained in equipment"; "Lithium ion batteries packed with equipment"; or "Lithium metal batteries packed with equipment" The applicable IATA DGR Packing Instruction and Section number used to prepare the shipment for transport confirmation that the lithium battery label has been applied (when required) The information listed in the specified packing instructions, which must accompany the consignment, includes confirmation that the shipment meets the requirements for transport on passenger aircraft or confirmation that the cargo must be transported on all cargo aircraft only (as applicable) Confirmation that the requirements of the applicable state variations listed in the IATA DGR have been met: Expeditors recommend the use of IATA Appendix A - Template for Accompanying Lithium Battery Document, to communicate relevant lithium battery shipment information.

Providing this information with each shipment will assist acceptance and operational personnel in expediting the movement of your cargo.