Freight Release Notice

Freight Release Notice = (turnover /freight-release /carrier-released /released-order /steam-ship-release) will be given to you and your vendors (warehouse, port, broker, trucker and etc.)

  1. Freight released is issued by your import freight forwarder / IFF (issuer of arrival notice = agent of Bill of Lading (BL) / OBL, after you have sat ISF y your IFF needs
  2. Customs released is issued by your customs broker / US customs / agencies, after your shipment is cleared and you have paid your entry filing fee, (click here) and look 1-11

Bill-of-lading (BL) (aka: straight bill of lading (nonnegotiable) with Telex Release / surrender / Express Release or original- Bill of Lading (obl). Bill-of-lading (BL) is issued before leaving foreign port by shipper/ NVOCC /off/oti (glossary) (what is Bill of Lading (BL) (examples of bl) (click here) (incoterms) arrival notice (an) is issued 5 days before shipment is us port by bl agent in us=aka freight forwarder ( NVOCC /off/oti) (glossary) (arrival notice?)( LCL )(full)(air) issuer of an was pre-chosen (incoterms) by issuer of bl, issuer of an is to oversee movement of your cargo to CFS warehouse ( LCL ) / seaport (container) / airport.

  • On most of Bill of Lading , notify party is known as: customs broker, customs agent, ISF and entry filer with domestic trucker.
  • On most of Bill of Lading , issuer of arrival notice is known as: (also, after these text, below there are 12 different Bill of Lading as examples) shipper agent, for delivery of goods please contact, forwarding agent, domestic routing/export instructions, for release of shipment please contact delivery agent, for delivery please apply to, document presentation, cargo releasing agent, for arrival info and release of cargo contact.

Fyi, other bill: clean bill of lading, caused bill of lading (aka "dirty bill of lading" or "foul bill of lading. "). Uniform bill of lading, bill of lading, bill of sale, ocean bill of lading, inland bill of lading, through bill of lading, stale bill of lading, negotiable bills of lading, functions of bill of lading, carrier on bill of lading, lash bill of lading, switch bill of lading, proforma bill of lading (normally given before leaving), onboard bill of lading (normally given after cargo has left) what, how, when and why bill of lading is use.

Let your supplier(s) do Telex Release / surrender / Express Release (this will saves time, monies and headache), but if you do received a original- Bill of Lading (obl) from your shipper/factory/supplier, "sign / date the obl (any place on obl)" and keep two copy for yourself and fed-ex/ups other to "issuer of arrival notice = agent of bl" usually, if you received obl, if you made only partial payment and etc against your shipment to your shipper/factory/supplier, before the shipping. (obl = title to your cargo)

If exam is issued by US customs/agencies, such as intensive examination notice (stop sign), ibet-exam, A-TCET -exam, USDA -exam or any other exam and if your Bill of Lading (BL) / arrival notice (an) is required original- Bill of Lading (obl), your ""freight forwarder (issuer of arrival notice = agent of Bill of Lading (BL) "" must received your ""sign/date obl (any place on obl)"" from you, before your shipment/container could be moved to exam site, until then, you maybe paying storage fees/demurrage fees and other fees. With or with-out exam, your ""freight forwarder (issuer of arrival notice = agent of Bill of Lading (BL) "" must receive ""sign/date the obl (any place on obl)"" to freight-release your shipment to you, obl is consignee/importer responsibility only. (obl = title).

All shipment are bound to incoterms (pre-arranged to us port/ CFS , before leaving foreign port). To understand why/who importer must pay, before/ after/ during shipping, you must review incoterms/icc/uncitral and contact issuer of bl / arrival notice. Customs broker is messenger between US customs and you, only.

Note: Final ruling by U.S. customs/agencies for ISF filing (part 1-2) is 6 years and for customs entry filing (part 2-2) is 5 years.

  1. Customs broker = broker between U.S. Customs and importer only: to transmits importer info/documents, way it was received from you and your-vendors, to U.S. Customs
  2. Customs broker = is not a broker between you and your-vendors (factory / supplier / forwarder / warehouse / shipping-company / CET-exam site, us agencies and etc. )
  3. Please pay all your-vendors directly ( ASAP ), to avoid our $50. If amending/up-dating your entry filing. If entry must be refile (click here $)
  4. Importer is responsible for all fees/us laws/liability/exam/permit(s)retroactive(backdate) document (BL, arrival notice and etc. ) case file: federal court U.S. attorney's.
  5. Your responsibility = your shipment / money / profit / sells / documents / permit, your-vendors (factory/supplier/forwarder and etc. ), your arrangement/negotiation and etc.
  6. Exam notice by freight forwarder: LCL arrival notice, full container arrival notice. AD/CVD , fumigation, emergency action notifications can be $1,000's.
  7. Fumigating your shipment can be $7,205, vacuum cleaning can be $1,900 and A-TCET exam / intensive exam/stop sign / CET exam can be $1,843. 60 / $2,059. 90.
  8. If exam ( VACIS , NII, x-ray (reefer), IBET, MET, CET and etc,), your freight forwarder will be notifying with arrival notice and Invoice (pay your freight forwarder) (99% time).
  9. If exam ( CET exam , A-TCET exam, intensive exam/stop sign, IPR, tailgate, emergency action notifications and etc.), importer must pay directly to exam site. (100%)
  10. If importer / ID=( SSN number or tax-ID/EIN/IRS Number or CAN Number) or any info is off-by-one-digit/letter, U.S. Customs will confiscate/seize your shipment and penalize/fines you.
  11. And U.S. Customs/agencies can release with detention(hold)/hold/confiscate/penalize/fines/recall/examine/ ISF penalty/Re-ISF filing/issue destroy/re-export and etc.
  12. Bill of lading / BL (aka: Bill of Sale ) / original / OBL= arrival notice / manufacturers contract agreement / shipping terms = (title to shipment, provisions and etc.)
  13. You /importer/ consignee is fully responsible for all actions of payment (be aware of scam hijack emails and other scams).
  14. Before paying us, consignee must verify payment method and amount of payment, and such as our bank account number, western-union account number, check payable to and etc.
  15. Only valid communication is, if you/importer/consignee/your-vendors is communicating by phone number and email lists from our

Release Order / Turnover Sample

Freight Released = (Turnover / Freight-Release / Carrier-Released / Released-Order / Steam-Ship-Release). (WHLC0244A24431 IB
Freight Released = (Turnover / Freight-Release / Carrier-Released / Released-Order / Steam-Ship-Release). (WHLC0244A24431 IB