China Business Tours

Our China office specialty is China Business Tours / Factory Tour & Factory Q.C.

Helping you to find right Chinese Vendors / suppliers / Manufacturers ( all meeting are One to One and with our Translator /  Interpreter / Assistant / secretary )

Our focused is individual buyer needs:

China Business Tours: All meetings are pre-arranged with your company only ( no other company ) and factories that specialize and manufacture your needs with our translator/interpreter acting as assistant/secretary/a buying agent to the buyer for $99 a day ( if there is more than one representative in the buyer party , each additional buyer is $50 per day) With your 10 days' advance notification, the dates you will be in China, and details of products that you are looking to buy or manufacture, we will pre-arrange meetings with up to 100 factories If you need any legal advice about your patent rights in China or legal advice about your new Chinese suppliers, we have lawyers in China that could help you with all your needs. Also, if you need quality control (QC) as your new suppliers manufacture your products, we have QC-trained Chinese staff that could help you. If you require 5,4,3,-star hotels/a personal driver with a car/personal bodyguard (s), we could make accommodations to suit your needs (at extra cost). U.S. distributors and buyers can inspect, source, and negotiate directly with the manufacturers. Meeting face-to-face or one-on-one with Chinese suppliers allows US distributors to develop more reliable trust in the product's quality. In return, the manufacturers will be more accommodating in wanting to service the needs and wants of the U.S. distributors and buyers. With the advent of digital communication, the world is much smaller. However, a handshake between two business people is still more trustworthy.


Our China business tours are focused on individuals, business people, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and other individuals interested in exploring new business ventures, establishing investment partners, and developing collaborative networks in China. Our China staff is available on an ongoing basis to work with participants to support the development of new contacts and business development opportunities gained in China. Our goal is to meet the targeted needs of individual participants and, where appropriate, provide matchmaking services and arrange business meetings with Chinese suppliers, vendors, factories, and manufacturers The world is shrinking and the Chinese market is now open to all, whether buyer, seller, or just visiting China to see what's happening. Our service will help make your trip a profitable and very enjoyable one. All of our factory tour staff can act as your tour guides, personal secretaries, interpreters/translators, buying agents, and more. To help you to be better prepared, save valuable time, make your stay in China more comfortable, overcome the language barrier and bridge the cultural differences, we also stand by your side to protect your interests in business processing. We simply give you advice, suggestions, and help you do what you want, when you want to do it, and always on your terms. No groups, no tours, no sales pitches, no hidden agendas, or any hidden costs. If you have a certain specialised area of interest, or even particular companies you want to visit while you are in China, just let us know and we will make it happen.


You will need to cover your own excursions, entertainment, drinking, taxis, food, hotels, etc.

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