Application for Airport Security Bond

Application for Airport Security Bond: All bond are issued by U.S. Custom only and the U.S. Customs bond have numerous names, however, the best known name is a U.S. Custom continuous import bond { aka: U.S. Custom import bond or activity code 1 bond or us import bond or surety bonds or import license or import license bond or consignee bond or continuous bond (CB) or continuous transaction bond (CTB) or yearly bond or annual bond or custom bond (CB) or CBP Import bond or importer number or importer ID or import entry bond (IEB) } bond is not an licenses/permits to import. Payment terms / 1 year $876. 33 / to issue a airport security bond, it takes 5-7 working days (2 weeks, almost)

Please fill-out the form below to have the Application for Airport Security Bond

After you have submit, within hours we will prepare two forms and e-mail to you, so all you have to do is sign and e-mail or fax us back. All premiums fully earned for 1 (one) for $1,481. 87 ( minimum premium )

I/we/applicant certified that the factual information contained in this application is true and accurate and was provided based upon the best available information at the time of this application. Further, i/we/applicant agree that when this application is signed and when bond application submitted and/or issued, i/we/applicant will then be fully and contractually responsible for the full payment amount as confirmed and agreed herein. When applicant bond number/certificate is issued and if applicant/reseller refuses to pay within ten days, then bond provider has a right to cancel/terminate applicant bond anytime i/we/applicant also understands that Invoice s and correspondence will be communicated thru the email address given herein. This bond application encompasses the terms, conditions and languages as specified in CBP -5291 (power of attorney form) and satisfy the requirements of 19 cfr 149. 5(c) and shall be retained by this bond provider for as long as applicants continues to use and operate the bond acquired thru this bond provider. I/we/applicant acknowledges that when payment is made in-full there is/will be no pro-rate and/or no refunds for any bond termination after activation. After submitting or when bond is activated, IRS # / EIN# / TAX ID# / SSN # / CAN# cannot be changed/amended, so please double check before sending the form back to us through email. If you are applying for more than $50,000 bond please let us know. All bond(s) are subject to approval by U.S. Customs and with your good credit. Minimum premium is $1,481. 87 for 1 (one) years. The minimum bond amount set by CBP is $50,000, however CBP /US customs has the discretion to raise the bond amount or set new bond amount limits or terminate at anytime and without pro-rating/refunding date or monies.

Airport security bond / C1 bond / activity one bond / airport custom security area bond / A1 bond / asb: any company, entity or person or individual that works around or in an CBP controlled international airport and has access to custom airport security areas must be bonded. The company, entity, or individual must purchased an airport security bond aka activity one bond. The minimum bond amount set by CBP , however CBP port directories at the international airport has the discretion to raise the bond amount or set new bond amount limits at anytime. The airport security bond / asb will be issued by the CBP in CBP -301 form, the bond is for the USA ge by the company, entity or individual and is not considered an custom import bond, the company, if the company, entity or individual uses this asb to import commodity from any foreign country, this action will be a violation of the 19 cfr 113. 62(i) and CBP and/or bond provider has the authority to terminate immediately.