Importing Duty Free

Importing Duty Free: Duty is the tax paid on imported goods, including wedding gifts and inherited items. While articles purchased outside the United States and brought into the country are subject to internal revenue tax and duty, many household goods purchased abroad and used for more than one year may be imported duty-free. You will be asked to list all articles purchased less than one year ago on the back of customs form 3299. The list will include the month and year each item was purchased, as well as the purchase price.


Importing Duty Free: International Moving Passport and Money

A U.S. resident moving back into the states is ordinarily permitted an exemption of $400.00 (retail value) worth of items purchased abroad-provided these items accompany the U. S. resident into the country and are either for use as personal goods or as gifts Once you have claimed this exemption, there is a waiting period of 30 days before you can claim the exemption again. Americans returning from American Samoa, Guam, or the U.S. Virgin Islands have an exemption of $800.00. Non-residents entering the United States are permitted to bring in the following items free of duty:


Importing Duty Free: Bona fide gifts are exempted up to a combined value of $100.00.

Personal articles such as clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, items for personal hygiene, hunting, fishing, and photographic equipment vehicles used for personal use, provided they are imported in conjunction with your arrival. Please note that the price quoted by your North American agent does not include customs duties, taxes, or any other fees imposed by the U.S. government. In some cases, additional charges can arise from the random inspection of shipments.