Customs Release Documents

After/before your shipment is released by US customs and you have paid all the customs clearing fees, you will be receiving customs release documents:

  1. Commercial shipment (type 1): customs release documents (look below) = 7501, 3461, pick up order and if any, ABI Report. (look below page 1, 2, 4 and 5)
  2. Personal used items (type 3): customs release documents (look below) = 7501, 3299, pick up order and if any, ABI Report. (look below page 1, 3, 4 and 5)

Before, customs released documents could be issue, you must email us name of person or company name that will be picking-up your shipment.

  1. Also, your CFS warehouse / port will receiving customs release documents from us.
  2. Pick-up-order and pick-up- Bill of Lading . Aka: delivery authorization/authorized declaration (dad) / delivery order (do) = look below page 4
  3. 7512 (it,te, ie) is filed, if shipment is moving to exam site / to clear in other port, before US customs has release the shipment.
  4. If 3461 and 7501 was issued, most of exam site will ask for 3461 only (will not need 7512). Also, most of ISF 5 must use 7512 form. (for more details)


Note: Final ruling by US customs/agencies for ISF filing (part 1-2) is 6 years and for customs entry filing (part 2-2) is 5 years.

  1. Customs broker = messenger between US customs and importer: to transmits importer info/documents, way it was received from you and your-vendors, to US customs
  2. Customs broker = is not a messenger between you and your-vendors (factory/ supplier/ forwarder/ warehouse/ shipping-company/ cet-exam-site, us agencies and etc. )
  3. All importer are bound to incoterms (pre-arranged before leaving foreign port, such as: Bill of Lading /bl (sale) / MFG contract agreement / OBL / arrival notice)
  4. To understand why/who importer must pay, before/after/during shipping, you must review incoterms and contact issuer of Bill of Lading (title to shipment)
  5. Please review import process, incoterms and etc import requirements by US customs. After viewing, if you required a personal assistant: $250 hr / $2000 day + retainer
  6. Importer is responsible for all fees/us laws/liability/exam/permit(s)retroactive(backdate) document (bl, arrival notice and etc. ) case file: federal court us attorney's.
  7. Your responsibility = your shipment / money / profit / sales / documents / permit, your-vendors (factory/supplier/forwarder and etc. ), your arrangement/negotiation and etc.
  8. Exam notice by freight forwarder: LCL arrival notice, full container arrival notice. For AD/CVD , fumigation, emergency action notifications can be $1,000's.
  9. Fumigating your shipment can be $7,205, vacuum cleaning can be $1,900 and A-TCET exam / intensive exam/stop sign / CET exam can be $1,843. 60 / $2,059. 90.
  10. If exam ( VACIS , nii, x-ray, ibet, met, cet and etc,), your freight forwarder will be notifying with arrival notice and Invoice (pay your freight forwarder) (99% of the time).
  11. If exam ( CET exam , A-TCET exam, intensive exam/stop sign, ipr, tailgate, emergency action notifications and etc,) importer must pay directly to exam site. (100%)
  12. If importer / id=( SSN # or tax-id/ein/irs# or can#) or any info is off-by-one-digit/letter, US customs can/will confiscate/seize your shipment and penalize/fines you.
  13. And uscustoms/agencies can release with detention(hold)/hold/confiscate/penalize/fines/recall/exam/penalty/re- ISF -filing/issue destroy/re-export/add-dpl and etc.
  14. Please pay all your-vendors directly ( ASAP ), to avoid our $50 (click here). If amending/up-dating your entry filing (click here $). If entry must be re-file (click here $)
  15. You /importer/consignee is fully responsible for all actions of payment (be aware of scam hijack emails and other scams).
  16. Before paying us, consignee must verify payment method and amount of payment, and such as our bank account#, western-union account#, check payable to and etc,.
  17. Only valid communication is, if you/importer/consignee/your-vendors is communicating by phone# and email lists from our
(1) 7501 Entry Summary Customs Release Documents: This transaction covers all shipments (Importers) Type 1 & 3.
(2) 3461 Entry(Immediate Delivery = Customs Release Documents: This transaction covers vast majority of commercial shipments (Importers) / Type 1 ONLY.
(3) 3299 if you're MOVING back into USA with personal USED item = Customs Release Documents / Type 3 ONLY .
(4) Pick-up-Order and Pick-up-bill-of-lading. aka: Delivery Authorization/Authorized Declaration (DAD) / Delivery Order (DO) = Customs Release Documents: Type 1 & 3.
(5) ABI Report / File Notes Listing / ONLY if your shipment is other then Long Beach/Los Angeles Port. = Customs Release Documents: Type 1 & 3