Other Form 147C Request

Below are two sample of 147c:

If your FEIN / Tax ID / IRS become inactive or voided or etc. , (at the time you are trying apply for continuous import bond / ISF filing / customs entry filing )

  1. Please contact the us IRS at 800-829-0115 and request a copy of the IRS 147c letter for your tax ID number:
  2. We need this letter from the us IRS to submit to the us custom to affirm that this EIN was issued by the IRS to you and your company.
  3. We cannot requests this information from IRS, because it is your company's personal information and for your protection.
  4. Please contact the IRS and requests this letter, it only takes 24 - 48 hours for the IRS to provide this 147c letter to you.
  5. You can even ask the IRS to fax the 147c letter to you ( here’s a samples of IRS 147c letter for IRS ) 6. The service by IRS is free of charges. (proof of importer numbers / id)