ISF “10+2” Program F A Q
Transaction types.  More types will be added as needed (e.g.,
Type 10 for OCS shipments).

01. ISF type / Standard: This transaction type covers the vast
majority of commercial shipments. ( Importers )

02. ISF type / Ship To:  Should be used for shipments that
have not yet been sold to a buyer in the U.S.  Typically used
for commodities shipments (e.g., coffee beans, cocoa, etc.).
"Sold on the Water"

03. ISF type / HHG/PE:   Should be used for all
HouseHold Goods (HHG) and  personal effects (PE)
shipments.  This
includes shipments for returning military
, other U.S. governmental personnel and their
 No bond is required

04. ISF type / U.S. Government and U.S. Military:  Only to be
used for actual government or military shipments
No bond is required.

05. ISF type Diplomatic:  Only to be used by foreign entities
entitled to diplomatic immunity.  No bond is required.

06. ISF type Carnet: Covers shipments arriving under a
carnet.  No bond is required.

07. ISF type U.S. Goods:  Reserved for shipments containing
U.S. Goods Returned.

08. SF type FTZ Shipments:  Reserved for shipments going
into a
Foreign Trade Zone.

09. ISF type / International Mail:  Reserved for USPS mail
shipments.  No bond is required.

10. ISF type / OCS Shipments: Reserved for shipments
arriving from a U.S. outer continental shelf point or from
vessels operating over a U.S.
OCS point (e.g. rigs, derrick
barges, seismic vessels).

11. To file your Importer Security Filing (ISF 5+2)
ISF 5+2 is for only: Immediate Exportation (IE) or  
Transportation and Exportation (TE)
Key to ISF Filing is you must file, even if your data is incomplete you should file,
ISF filing,
72 Hrs before your shipment arrives into U.S. Port.

SF Must be filed, otherwise CBP can and will assessed penalty / fines of up to
$5,000 for each violation
(s). (ISF 10+2 Filing is Importer(s) Responsibility)

Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2) is SEPARATE from the carrier's manifest
and the broker's / importer's entry / entry filing / custom broker.
- After you have received ISF Transaction # (Confirmation #) with Invoice,
you/importer MUST paid within 2 days, (
click here) for payment details

For more details:  ( NOTE: from page 46-47 )
1. If importing from Virgin Island, American Samoa or Guam, you must file ISF

2. If you are importing from Puerto Rico to U.S.  or   if you are exporting from U.S.
to Puerto Rico
(NO ISF is need it)

3. If your goods arrived into Canada by vessel and if  trucking  or railing into U.S.
( as long as shipment are associated with bill of lading at AMS ) ( Must file ISF )
All Importer MUST have Single Bonds or Continuous Bond:
- Single ISF Bond (Click Here)
- Single Entry Bond (Click Here)
- Continuous Bond (click here)
ISF filing $95 each

Just forward all your documents  ( ISF Form,   Invoice,  
Packing-list, Bill-of-lading,  & etc )  that you received from your
Supplier / Factory / Freight Forwarder / Shipping-Company.
Also with your
Continuous Bond and/or Single ISF Bond
(ISF 10+2 is for ONLY Sea shipment)

To file ISF, please fill-out Service Agreement (click here)
After ISF filing is done (
click here) for payment term in details
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ISF 10+2 (Importer Security Filing)

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