- ISF Type 1 MUST be file, 24hr BEFORE your shipment should leave Foreign Port

Here's the info we will need from your factory/supplier to file ISF (below 1 to 11).  2-4 days BEFORE your shipment is about leave
foreign port, they will be emailing you with Documents
( Invoice,   Packing-list,  Bill-of-lading / BL, & etc )

IF you have NOT receive any above Documents,
we could contact your factory/supplier &  WE WILL DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU, all
we need is your  factory/supplier info (email & name) OR you could give our email to your supplier & have them email us, and you

Email your factory/supplier, that we are
Notify Party on the Bill-of-Lading (BL) as:
US Customs Clearing
2018 Pacific Coast Hwy,
Suite #201. Lomita, CA 90717
PH : (213) 270-1930  / Fax:  (424) 702-3262 / info@usCustomsClearing.com

1. Seller info / Over-Sea Seller:
Company Name, Street Address. Fl./Rm/Suite (If any). City, State. Zip

2. Container Stuffing Location:
Company Name, Street Address. Fl./Rm/Suite (If any). City, State. Zip

3. Consolidator / Stuffer:
Company Name, Street Address. Fl./Rm/Suite (If any). City, State. Zip

4. SCAC code and Master Bill Lading #  (MBL)

5. SCAC code and House Bill of Lading # (HBL)

6. SCAC code and Automated Manifest System # (AMS)

7. mm/dd/yyyy of depart from Foreign Port

8. mm/dd/yyyy of arrival at U.S. Port

9. Name of U.S. Port arriving at

10. Value of this shipment

11. HTC / HTS Code Harmonized Tariff Code  (IF factory can Not supply, don't worry)  (click here) to search your own HTC/HTS code
OR (
click here) to call & email US Customs Import Specialist Team.   

12. Do you have Bond???, If NOT apply here for Single ISF Bond (click here) OR Continuous Import Bond (click here). To complete ISF
filing with US Customs you MUST have Bond.

If ISF is NOT file with US Customs (CBP), CBP can and will assessed penalty / fines of up to $5,000 for each violation(s).  ISF 10+2
Filing is Importer Responsibility, NO others.        To Avoid penalty  

Details about US Customs & Import requirements (click here)   ISF Filing Cost & other details (click here)
" E " Customs Clearing . com