Bond's are REQUIREMENT by Customs/Agencies, for all Importer (ISF & Entry), Vessel/Carrier, issuer of Bill-of-Lading (BL) / Arrival-Notice (AN) /
Air-Way-Bill (AWB),  Warehouse, Port/Terminal, Loader/Unloader, Trucker & Etc.   
All Bonds are issued by U.S. Customs & Bonder ONLY and the U.S.
Customs Bond has numerous Names, however, the best known name is  
Import-Bond  aka:  U.S. Custom Continuous Import Bond.  U.S.  Custom Import
 or  Activity Code 1 Bond  or  US Import Bond  or  Surety Bonds  or  Import License  or  Import License Bond  or  Consignee Bond or Continuous
Bond (CB)
 or  Continuous Transaction Bond (CTB)  or  Yearly Bond or  Annual Bond  or  Custom Bond (CB) or  C.B.P. Import Bond  or  Importer Number
or Importer I.D
.  or  Import Entry Bond (IEB).   Import Bond Eliminates Single-ISF-Bond fees & most of Single-Entry-Bond fees for Next 365 days
Applicant will then be fully and contractually responsible for the full payment amount as confirmed and agreed herein.  When applicant bond number /
certificate  is issue & if applicant/reseller refuses to pay within three days, then bond provider has a right to cancel/terminate applicant bond anytime  
I/We/Applicant also understands that invoices and correspondence will be communicated thru the email address given herein. This bond application
encompasses the terms,  conditions and languages as specified in CBP-5291 (Power of Attorney Form) and satisfy the requirements of 19 CFR 149.5(c)
and shall be retained by this bond provider for as long as applicants continues to use and operate the bond acquired thru this bond provider.  Applicant
acknowledges that clicking Submit above and/or when payment is made in-full there is/will be
NO pro-rate or NO refunds for any bond termination after
activation.  All Premiums/Etc fees are Fully Earned for
1 year.   After submitting or when bond is actived, IRS # / EIN # / Tax id # / S.S.N # / CAN # can NOT  
be change/amend
, so please double check, before clicking Submit. If you are applying for more then $50,000 Bond please let us know.  Also, all Bond(S)
are subject to approval by U.S. Custom and with your good credit, also, US Custom has the discretion to modify the bond active date.  The minimum bond
amount set by CBP is $50,000, however CBP/US Customs has the discretion to raise the bond amount or set new bond amount limits or terminate at
anytime and withOUT pro-rating/refunding/etc date, monies & etc .  Disclaimer / Terms / Conditions / Etc (
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Import requirements (
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ONLY valid contact with us are list it here,  all others are invalid.   We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.
ALL PREMIUMS ARE FULLY EARNED.  NO pro-rate/refund (dates/premiums/etc).  All our website is Reference use only & our service are Arrangement only.
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